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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 3, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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on wednesday starting at 4:25. have a wonderful day, set back in the grufl. after yaet another delay, engineers hope to start permanently capping the damaged well today as it officially becomes the largest accidental oil spill in history. obama's troubles. as voterses in several states head to the polls today, some democratic candidates refuse to be seen with president obama. we'll tell you how he's working behind the scenes. free fall tragedy. a little girl is in critical condition after falling more than 100 feet on an amusement park ride. we'll speak with her father in an exclusive live interview. and making the grade. the new princeton review is out
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and we'll tell you which colleges are best, from partying to premed. early this tuesday morning to premed. early this tuesday morning august 3rd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. it is a tuesday. >> i'm erica hill. good to have you with us this morning. >> we have breaking news out of shreveport, louisiana. very familiar area along the river bank where a lot of people go to barbeque and relax, a place familiar with a bunch of young people. they're playing in the water and there's a dropoff in the river. none of these young people could swim. one kid goes over followed by another, followed by another. it's a heartbreaking story. we'll have details in just a bit. also ahead this morning, consumer reports is out with a list of dietary supplements they're calling "the dirty dozen." 12 they recommend you really
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should avoid because of issues for your heart, your wlifr. severe potential reactions and effects. so we'll get you that list and bring you up to speed on that, as well. >> but first bp engineers cannot seem to catch a break. they were supposed to start permanently plugging the gulf oil well yesterday. but discovered a small leak. so they are hoping to try again today. cbs news correspondent don teague is in grand isle, louisiana with the latest. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. the leak is in a line on the capping system that's over this well, but bp hope it is can fix the leak, start the injectivity test, and still do the static kill today. the amount of oil gushing from the well has been near the worst case estimates all along. the new estimate by government scientists puts the total amount of oil that gushed into the gulf before the well was capped 19 days ago at 4.9 million barrels,
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more than 200 million gallons of oil. the new effort to permanently seal the well called a static kill could start later today. heavy mud will be pumped from a surface ship down a drill pipe through the blowout preventer and into the well. if the plan works, the mud will push the oil back into the underground reservoir, allowing engineers to then pump cement into the well, sealing it from the top. >> depending on how much of that space they have to fill up will dictate how long it will take to do the static kill portion of the dying not tick test. >> reporter: bp now says if the static kill is successful, its blownout well could be permanently sealed even without the two relief wells the company has been drilling since may. since oil began pouring into the gulf last april, bp used up to 2 million gallons of the dispersant to break it up prompting questions about the chemical's safety. but a new epa analysis found
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it's no more toxic than oil alone, raising hopeses that the gulf's seafood industry will recover. >> we want the entire world to know that our seafood is safe and continues to be the best in the entire world. >> reporter: meantime all eyes will be out on that well this morning as bp tries to first fix that hydraulic leak, do the test and then ultimately kill this well. and that's what everyone's hoping for. >> sure like to see that happen. don teague in grand isle, thanks. we want to turn now to the battle over midterm elections. voters in kansas, michigan and missouri head to the polls today to choose candidates for november. one person you may not see helping democrats campaign, president obama. bill plante joins us for explain why. >> reporter: the democrats now hold a very comfortable majority in the house of representatives, but they're in danger of losing it in november. so president obama has begun a major effort to help his party
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keep control of congress. but a lot of his work is going to be behind the scenes. the president came out swinging at the republicans monday, but with an afternoon approval rating at 44% -- >> it would be one thing if the republicans had seen the error of their ways. >> reporter:-mf mr. obama fired his shots from a democratic fund-raiser in atlanta rather than from a candidate's campaign event. >> when the economy is bad, the president gets blamed and so the president is not somebody you want around in a district where people are angry at washington. >> reporter: but the president can and does deliver the democrats' message, that republicans would go back to the policies of the past. >> they're counting on that you all forgot. they think that they can run the okey-doke on you. >> reporter: sarah palin's answer to that, when he was in congress, mr. obama was part of the problem. >> it just a mazes me that he continues to look backwards and blame solely president bush for the come ka none drum that we're
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in. >> reporter: democrats aware they have a fight on their hands are shelling out big buck it is retain control of congress. $20 million for the house and senate campaigns and an additional $30 million for voter do turnout as the president drives the message home. >> they're more interested in the next election than the next generation and that's why they can't have the keys back because we need somebody who is driving with a vision to the future. >> reporter: the big and probably the best thing the president can do is to raise money. despite his lowered popularity, he's still a fund-raising rock star. it's very much similar to the position that president george w. bush was in in the latter years of his second term. erica? >> bill, thanks. joining us also from washington this morning, republican strategist kevin madden and in nashville, democratic strategist taniaer. what do democrats need to do to hold on to those seats come november? >> i think the most important
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thing that the democrats can do right now is to tell the story. the reason why the party in power tends to lose seats is because that party has not very many excuses for explaining to the of course he is why things haven't changed and dchls have a story to tell. they knee to tell the story that health care reform will help, this they need to tell the story that we didn't want to go back to a policy, concede control to a party that thinks we should apologize to british petroleum and filibuster job wls benefits. >> concern, dkevin, did i hear something. >> the democrats tonight like the story. it has a lot of big spending and big government. so when you look at the stimulus, that's not received well by voters. the health care bill they see as a length late difference overreach. so the big problem is at the same time they don't like the story, democrats are also looking back. and campaigns are always a
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contest it about your vision for the future. >> are republicans united? because there's also a little opposition in play within the gop with competition from the tea party. >> we're working on it. but i think that the thing right now is that we're in an enviable position of being seen as the alternative. and right now when you see such anger at washington, that's a very good place to be. but you're right, fundamentally the republicans, we have to make an argument to the voters that we have the right agenda to move the country in the right direction because ultimately you're looking at the right track/wrong track, america believes that the country is moving in the wrong direction. so what's our vision forward. >> tanya, when you're talking about the democratic side, two very prominent lawmakers with long histories in washington now facing investigations over alleged ethics violations. how is that going to play out? >> well, rangel and waters are
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both in safe districts. i don't think they are necessarily going to be in y jeopardy. i do think anytime you see allegations of corruption, and we see it in both parties, this is not particular to democrats, it's a problem. it's a washington problem and it's a problem in state governments and local governments and the federal government. >> but the perception on the party, how much of a problem is that going to be for people not in safe districts? >> i think it will not necessarily reverberate more broadly with democrats because i think these are seen as more local issues, frankly. and i don't think that anybody has got a monopoly on ethics issues or corruption in washington or anywhere else, frankly. >> we can't ignore the bush tax cuts. there's a lot of discussion. of course they expire december 31st. kevin, the economy is still so volatile. how do republicans play this? >> well, i think the way that you filter this argument back to voters is make it a choice of whether or not we want to raise
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taxes at a time where the economy is sluggish. do we really want to send more money to washington, do we really want to grow the size of government. if we're going to stimulate the economy, we have to give people the incentive to create jobs. when you're raising taxes, that doesn't do that. so it's a very easye simplify for a lot of voters. >> i think that it's an issue of math. my feeling on the bush tax cuts at the outset was that we couldn't afford them then, no president in the history of united states of america has ever cut taxes in the middle of a washing a war, and it seems that folks on the gop side seem only to be able to do math. we simply can't afford the tax cuts right now. >> if only we could continue the discussion a little longer. we've got a few more months to tackle this. always great to have you here. thanks. and so it begins. >> lots of news to get to this morning. jeff glor is at the news desk
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and has the rest of this morning's headlines. good morning, everyone. as you mentioned off the top here, a terrible story from what la. witnesses say a deadly domino effect led to the drownings of six teenagers. the teens were at a family outing along the red river in shreveport yesterday. the victims ages 13 to 18 had been playing in she will low water. one stepped off a wlenlg into deep water. the others apparently followed trying to help. none could swim and neither could the adults who were with them. >> the wave pushed them out that way and they tried to swim back up this way and they were hollering for help and they started going down. >> they had one life jacket here and as you can imagine, everybody started yelling for help. nobody could swim. >> it took more than three hours to recover all the bodies. three brothers from one family died along with two two brothers and a sister from another family. another teenager was rescued. passions are running high over a proposed mosque and
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islamic cultural center near ground zero here in new york. a commission is scheduled to vote today on whether to tear down 152-year-old building so the muslim center can be built. cbs news national correspondent jim axelrod is in lower manhattan with that story. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. the landmark preservation commission is more than just a local zoning issue on its hands. the islamic cultural center proposed for this building behind me is two blocks there ground zero, it has turned into a national controversy. the group behind it says cordoba house would be along the lines of a ymca or jewish community center with a prayer center, pool, restaurant, and performing arts center. new york's mayor bloomberg assumes the idea. >> everything the united states st stands for and new york stands for is stole rans and openness. >> reporter: influence are many who don't, saying building an islamic center two blocks from ground zero is a needless
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reminder about 9/11. >> it's not about religious freedom. it's all about location. be sensitive to the families. >> reporter: the issue resonates far beyond lower manhattan. sarah pay wherein has defeated about it, please underground zero mosque is unnecessary provocation.wherein has defeate about it, please underground zero mosque is unnecessary provocation. please reject it in the interest of healing. other critics are focusing on the cost. $100 million. wondering where the money would come from. and whether the imam behind the project, guy al abdul rauf, has any ties with extremists. even in an interview on "60 minutes" discussing 9/11. >> i wouldn't say that the united states deserved what happened. but the united states' policies were an accessory to the crime. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league has come out against the project. this is a mainstream jewish organization long known as a defender of religious freedom. but in a statement, the adl
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said, quote, this is not a question of rights. it's a question of what is right. jeff? >> jim axelrod near ground zero this morning. thank you. it is the biggest settlement from the mortgage meltdown. countrywide financial has agreed to pay $600 million to settle shareholder lawsuits claiming countrywide hid risks from investors. it would clear former executives and financial firms that underwrote countrywide stock. countrywide is still under investigation by the securities and exchange commission and the justice department. now to wall street where the market began the week with a bang. the dow was up 208 points yesterday. that extended the 7% rally in july. the best monthly gain in a year. cbs news business and economic correspondent rebecca jarvis is at the new york stock exchange this morning. >> reporter: good morning. and it was also a strong start to the month of august with better than expected manufacturing and construction orders here in the united states. in europe, also positive news on the health of their banks,
7:15 am
between banks reporting better than expected earnings. but interest sobering words there ben bernanke here in the united states who said while the worst is behind us as far as the recession goes, it will be a long road to recovery ahead. and he pointed to state and local governments and the problems, the fiscal problems, they face there as one of the primary reasons for that. of course we also know one of the primary reasons for our pain here in the united states is the jobs picture which continues to show signs of weakness in spite of the fact that we are at a point in the recovery where we should begin to see job growth and yet we're not seeing that to the tune that many of us here on main street would like to see. on top of that, procter & gamble out with earnings this morning, they said that things are slowing down on their end and they actually missed expectations showing, jeff, signs that the consumer continues to pull back on spending. >> rebecca, thanks. a luxury suv is once again
7:16 am
america's most stolen car. the highway loss data institute says the cadillac escalade has ranked as the most stolen in six of the last seven reports. one of every 100 escalades is reported stolen. it's followed on that list by the ford f-250 pickup and the infinity g-37. the vehicles least likely to be stolen are the volvo drks-80, the saturn vue and the these is an marano. dave price, your vespa not on that list. >> not at all. always safe. i lock it up at the parking meter. is it good news when your car is the least stolen? no one wants it. >> that's a good point. let's go to the maps, see what's going on all across america. we'll pull up the maps and first we'll head up to chicago. looking the great lakes all the way back to the northern plain states, look at this area of unstable air. a low pressure system sitting right here that will bring sudden gusts, some hail, some
7:17 am
rain, some airport delays. meanwhile, we'll zoom on back and we'll head to the northeast. it is gorgeous, in the 70s in maine, 80s along much of the eastern seaboard from concord to boston, hartford, providence, down the 95 corridor. keep in mind high heat, dangerous heat, that's our first look at the weather this morning. back to you at the desk.
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thanks very much. coming up, a little girl fighting for her life after an amusement park ride malfunctions. we'll tell you what went wrong and speak with her father. also this morning, a warning about some dietary supplements. dr. jennifer ashton is here with information on the so-called dangerous dirty dozen. you'll want to hear which one falls on that list. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] moms always want to give 100%. and they can without even trying. caprisun 100% juice is a full serving of fruit and no added sugar. so your kids get 100% goodness in the pouch they love.
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a little girl ceases an amusement park attraction on the travel channel, says, daddy, please take me there. they go. she gets hurt quite seriously when it malfunctions. we'll have an exclusive interview with the father after your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mott's purely delicious flavor and great nutrition. [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass.
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some friends joining us outside. going to have to work on their cheering a little bit. welcome back to "the early show." just ahead, more than half of all adults in the u.s. take some kind of dietary supplement. i found that number surprising. a lot of people take them because they're supposed to be good for you. consumer reports uncovered 12 of what they call "the dirty dozen." supplements you may want to avoid for very serious reasons. dr. ashton is here to tell us why they could be dangerous to your health. and this morning there is another warning about the household cleaners you use.
7:31 am
kids love brightly colored bottles. they could end up playing with them and even drink the toxic stuff inside. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your kids safe. first, though, we have a story of tragedy at an amusement park in wisconsin. a 12-year-old girl is in critical condition this morning, she was on a ride called "terminal velocity" when something went horribly wrong. we'll speak with her father in an exclusive interview in just a moment. but first, cbs news correspondent ben tracy joins us in the studio with the story. ben, good morning. >> good morning. summer is of course the peak time of year for state and county fairs as well as amusement parks. all sorts of fun rides. but along with the thrills are some possibly deadly dangers. the sudden drops, the twists and turns, being scared is what makes these parks amusing. last friday, 12-year-old teagan marti was looking for a thrill when she signed up for "terminal velocity," a free fall ride at
7:32 am
extreme world in wisconsin dells. she told her parents she wanted to do it after seeing the ride on this travel channel show. a person is raised to the top of a platform and then unhooked, fry falling at up to 52 miles per hour, before hitting the safety net below. when teagan was released, she plunged 100 feet because the landing net was still fully on the ground, so when she hit, it did not break her fall. the ride operator released the girl before the net was in place. in a statement to cbs news, the park said the accident was, quote, caused by human error and the ride operator is on leave for mental health reasons. teagan is in a business which is hospital room with ten fractures in her back and one in her skull. she has yet to speak. overall amusement parkses have a pretty good safety record. the u.s. consumer products safety commission estimates that more than 270 million people visit american amusement parks each year, about 7,000 are treated in emergency rooms for injuries from ride accidentses. an average of four die.
7:33 am
experts say don't assume all rides are safe. >> watch the ride. ask questions. make sure the ride operator is paying attention. make sure that other riders are behaving themselves. >> reporter: the park where teagan was injured is now temporarily closed. they say they are cooperating with the police investigation. now, this ride did have a minimum age. you're supposed to be 14. but 12-year-old teagan had a signed parental consent form and there is video of her accident, but police have not get released it. >> ben, thanks very much. joining us exclusively from madison, wisconsin is teagan's father dr. alex marti along with their attorney, stuart grossman. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> dr. marti, first off, how is your daughter doing? >> well, presently she's stable. she's still in very critical condition. the future will probably need major surgeries and a great deal
7:34 am
of recovery. but right now she's stable but still in very critical condition. >> your daughter saw this attraction on a show on the travel channel. she clearly fell in love with it. when she first said to you, daddy, i wouldn't go do this thing, what was your thought? >> well, we have relatives here in the area and we come up here almost every summer. and i felt that she wanted to do this, it was something that -- she's the type of child that doesn't ask to do many things. and it was part of a vacation. it wasn't we were just coming here to do this. we were going to do many things. and so i figured that it would be safe and be fine to do. >> did you have any trepidation whatsoever when you got there as
7:35 am
you looked around, you're asked to sign a consent form? was there anything that gave you any indication that something was amiss? >> no. i watched several people before her. the platform lifts all the way up to the top and there's a safety net at 40 feet. so the person is dropped from 140 to 40. so it's a 100-foot drop. and i saw several times that it was being done and it looked like everything was organized and done well. except in this case, the platform went up and never reached the top and we were waiti waiting for to go to the stop and before the -- the net was still on the ground and all of a sudden she's released from the bucket and she fell 100 feet directly to the ground. to me -- it's just impossible to imagine that something like that could happen.
7:36 am
>> you're a fiphysician, so you run to your daughter's aid. what kind of condition was she in when you reached her? >> well, she was dead. she was basically unconscious, not moving and laying flat on her back with blood coming out of her ears and nose. just a horrible, horrible scene. at the moment she fell and i heard that loud thud, i just assumed she was dead, it was that horrific. >> mr. grossman, who is at fault here? >> well, for sure the person who released teagan early before this had reached its safe height and who didn't bother to check to see if the nets that were going to catch her were in place. and i think that the fact that you could release a rider
7:37 am
prematurely tells you that there must be some design defect that could cause or allow that to happen. there was no failsafe method, harry. >> no backup, no extra safety net. yeah. >> no backup, no safety net in place. and this this fellow had to make a conscious move to release teagan. you can't just do it inadvertently. it has to be a conscious move. i'm curious as to the issues that he's faced with. so we'll see. >> dr. marti and mr. grossman, we thank you very much for your time this morning. dr. marti, we wish your family the very best and hope teagan a speedity recovery. thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. >> thanks. >> i can't imagine. >> and he's so incredibly composed to see your daughter go through that. we'll shift gears here. dave is at the weather board. it is a tuesday, it is august. people want to be out and about.
7:38 am
>> certainly they do, but august means what? it means that we're in that heart of the atlantic hurricane season. let's go take a look at tropical activity and we're talking about tropical storm colin now just about 860 miles to the east of barbad barbados. winds about 40 miles per hour, speed about 20, moving to the west/northwest. going to take a turn to the north, increase in speed. these are the spaghetti models. the white is the consensus and that form what is we position is going to be the direction of this storm. by sunday night, we think it will be a rainmaker. watch as this storm progresses. we're thinking a category 1 how close it gets to the u.s. shore line still remains a question, but i think it will turn as we watch it, though, it's certainly going to be a rainmaker as we led to sunday night along sections of the eastern seaboard and that's what we know r
7:39 am
and that's what's going on right now in the atlantic. rest of the country coming up at 8:00. >> you have fans over here. >> we learned something new this morning, the spaghetti lines. >> when you get to the spaghetti spaghettios, you have real problem tracking it. it's in a circle. >> thanks, dave. up next, so many people take supplements. the idea here, they think they'll stay healthy. but a new report is listing the so-called dirty dozen of supplements that can do far more
7:40 am
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in "health watch," americans spend nearly $27 billion on dietary supplements, but do it they work and are they safe in a new consumer reports investigation finds 12 of them can actually cause more harm than good, to so to help you avoid them, dr. ashton is here with the results of that study. i had no idea these were so popular. >> widely popular. this is a multibillion-dollar industry. and the important thing as you just said is, number one, do they work and, number two, are they safe. those two things go hand-in-hand. for any treatment, whether you're talking about a supplement or a prescription medication, the benefits have to outweigh any risks. there are always risks and that's what you have to look at. >> and some risks are significant or we wouldn't have this report. so let's take a look at the top three that you have outlined here that are really dangerous. >> and we're talking here about weight loss supplements. so a lot of people looks to perceived natural supplements to
7:44 am
help them lose weight and three that are purported to do so, one is called chaparral lot to produce liver and kidney damage. the other bitter orange and something called country mallow. these have ba been linked to heh problems, anywhere from irregular heartbeat to stroke to death. so when you reach for something that's thought to help you lose weight, you need to know the reported side effects. >> and some are banned in germany, canada. >> and we have not yet done this, but this has been linked to serious liver problems. sometimes necessitating liver transplantation. people have not take this and they should look carefully at the in-gregredients of anything they're taking. >> so the obvious question is how and when are these drugs being -- these supplements being regulated? >> this was an act passed in 1994 called the dietary
7:45 am
supplement act and it said the fda does not need to attest to a product's safety or efficacy before it comes to market. it put the onus of responsibility on these supplement manufacturers who of course you would think would want their products to be safe. with you what that means is that these products are really only heavily studied once they're on the shelf. so people should look for this label called the usp seal. it's a nonprofit independent organization to help to verify its safety. but discuss these with your doctor and be careful. >> and don't be the guinea pig for the testing. jen, thanks. always good to have you with us. for more information on consumer reports' dirty dozen supplements logon to coming up, lady gaga's poker face. why she tries to avoid having sex and a whole lot more. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by kellogg's frosted
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♪ the one and only lady gaga. there's so much attention surrounding lady gaga. is she really lady gaga, is she someone playing lady gaga? there's a new article out in "vanity fair" that devils into who lady gaga really is. it's fascinating. >> i think that's a very good question. is it a person playing lady gaga, is there the character and the person who plays her? >> she says this is who i am. if attorney write a book, it would be that i was born this way. all this coming out in the article. we'll speak with the reporter who sat down with her to get these answers. >> right after this. [ school bell rings ]
7:50 am
7:51 am
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at an america's best location near you. welcome back to "the early show." what? >> what the people didn't get to see was you doing a little crowd work. i liked it. >> no, no, that wasn't crowd work. harry had an itch. >> it's that lies we hace we hae office. no, never mind. i'm erica hill along with harry smith and dave price. >> that is genetic engineering you never want to happen to your family. >> and we'll help and you void that this morning on "the early show." just ahead, she's the world's
8:01 am
biggest pop star. she is very big in the fashion world, art, pop culture. but who is lady gaga? we'll get to the inside scoop this morning on this outrageous star from the vani"vanity fair" reporter. she did a major profile with lady gaga and it is just a fascinating read. so we'll give you all the little tidbits. also, we all have them in our homes. simple household cleaning products. a new study shows that despite years of warnings, they remain a major poison risk for kids. our susan koeppen will be along to give us the inside skinny on the investigation. all that coming up, but first inside we go. jeff glor sitting down or standing up at the news desk for us. >> yes, always standing. good morning, everyone. we begin with a tragedy in louisiana. a family outing turned deadly for six teenagers. they drowned as they played along a popular recreation area on shreveport's red river yesterday. the teens aged 13 to 18 were in
8:02 am
shallow water on a sandbar when one stepped off a wlenledge. the others followed but none could swim and by the time emergency crews arrived, it was too late.victims included three brothers -- >> the family was screaming for help. the officer without life vest or thought for his own safety dove in to the water. the firefighters, four of them, likewise commandeered vests from a boat that was nearby, dove into try and do everything that they could. >> those three brother wlos died were all from one family and a sister and two brothers from another. one 14-year-old was rescued. in the gulf this morning, bp still hopes to start pumping mud and cement into its damaged oil well today. but a preliminary test to the static kill operation had to be postponed. cbs news correspondent dorn teag
8:03 am
teague is in grand isle with details. >> reporter: in the meantime there's a new government estimate about the amount of oil that leaked during this entire disaster and it's very near what were considered the worst case scenarios all along. government scientists now say 4.9 million barrels of oil poured into the gulf of mexico. that's about 205 million gallons. of course none has gone into the gulf in the last couple of weeks thanks to that cap that is in place, but that is not a permanent solution. as you mentioned, the permanent solution is the static kill that they had hoped would begin today, but it they ran into a wrinkle late yesterday, they found a leak in a hydraulic line of a capping system. that prevented them from doing a test they wanted to do last night. they're fixing the leak doing the test today and they say it's possible they'll still begin the static kill sometime later today. in the meantime, commercial fishing in the gulf slowly getting back to normal, though fishermen and local officials want assurances from the federal
8:04 am
government that seafood is safe to eat. >> we have to look the fishermen in the eyes and say the federal government is committed to making sure you get your life back. >> reporter: well, in the meantime, all eyes again out in the gulf watching that sat tick kill. today they'll try to pump mud followed by cement down into that well which if it all works and it all begins later today, could finally permanently kill this well. jeff? >> don teague in grand isle this morning. thank you. accusations this morning that toyota had sudden acceleration problems long before recalls were ordered last year. according to internal documents filed this hundreds of lawsuits, toyota thoou about at least six acceleration incidents as severalearly as 2003. some plaintiffs claim toyota electronic throttle control system has a defect, but toyota denies that. now the latest in the case of missing oregon boy kyron
8:05 am
horman. yesterday the boy's father along with his mother and husband arrived at the courthouse where they appeared before a grand jury for the first time. the three are convince that had stepmother terry horman is involved in the boy's disappearance two months ago. last week a friend of terry horman's, dede spicher, appeared before that same grand jury. mitch miller has died. >> don't just sit there, come on and sink. ♪. gh. ♪. ♪ . >> long before the days of karaoke, he hosted sink along with mitch on tv from '61 to '66 wearing his trademark van dyke beard. he was 99 years old. all right, now back outside to dave price for another check of the weather. also still standing. >> thank you very much, sir. nice to see you, jeffrey.
8:06 am
and we've got a lovely gro group ---all right. if you can't calm done, i'll call authorities. we have a great group of people, high energy. we want to say hello to everyone at the austin fire department, engine 24. we've got a firefighter with us and happy 40th birthday. the guy in charge is gonzo? don't you want a guy who is here versus gonzo in charge of your engine company? >> i trust gonzo. >> well, we do, it too. nice to see you and hi, mom. by the way, she was the queen of the watermelon thumping contest in texas in 1962. so we have a beauty on our show today. let's take a check of the maps and see what's going on. look at that high heat in texas. look at it roll through louisiana, into oklahoma, into kansas, into missouri. stretching as far back as sections of the desert southeast, in fact, into
8:07 am
sections of albuquerque or into sections of new mexico, i should say. rough weather, nice and cool up in new england, and as far as the nation's weather, we've got instability stretching all the way from the northern plain states through the great lakes, watch it, some airport delays around o'hare could be building through the afternoon. that's a quick look at our national maps. let's say a quick a ha low to the city of -- >> new york. >> no. where are you from? to the city of -- >> pittsburgh. >> that's right.
8:08 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by prevacid, treat frequent heartburn with prevacid 24 hour. same medicine, new location. the shelf. >> yeah! hold this. hold on. there we go. that's better. now inside to harry. >> lost your identity there for just a moment. thanks, dave. up next, it's a dangerous mix. household cleaning products that look like they might be food or drink. young kids can't resist. we'll tell you how to keep your kids safe when we return on "the early show." prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better. [ male announcer ] with its 43 safety features,
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8:11 am
household cleaning products may seem just like so many bottles under the sink, but to a child, the bright colors and unique shapes can be very alluring. susan koeppen is here with a new study involving kids and cleaners. and watch out. good morning.
8:12 am
>> good morning. according to the study, bleach is the number one cleaning product that kids get into, but they also get into things like addition soap, laundry detergent and carpet cleaner and experts are concerned because many of these products don't come with safety tops. tamara ensign and her son were in the front yard back in may cleaning off old toys from the garage. tamara turned her back for a second when keagan let out a horrifying cry. >> it was a loud inhale along with a wale. one of the most horrible sounds i had ever heard. >> reporter: keagan had gotten his hands and mouth on that bottle of dish soap. >> it was quite scary because i knew he definitely had soap in his mouth. >> reporter: he was rushed to the hospital, spent hours in the er, but escaped without serious injury. >> i was also mad at myself for not being more cautious and being alert of what i was doing.
8:13 am
>> reporter: in 2008, poison control centers handled nearly 1.3 million cases of child poisoni poisonings. more than 124,000 of them dealt with household cleaning products. >> we see chemicals that are very dangerous, look just like something very simple and safe like something that will look like cool and i had id to a chi. >> reporter: according to a study, 72% of cleaning product poisonings happen in children ages one to three, 40% come from cleaners in spray bottles about. >> it may be the case that they are trigger the spray bottle easier than they can open some other products. or the fact that the nozzle is not in the closed or locked position. >> reporter: we wanted to see what would happen when we gave a group of toddlers spray bottles filled with water. within minutes, they were
8:14 am
spraying, spilling and swallowing the liquid. >> did you think she'd be able to open these up and start spraying and taking a drink? >> i was actually surprised at how quickly she did it. exactly like this. she went right to drink it. >> and imagine if that was window cleaner. >> yeah, it's scary. >> reporter: tamara ensign now locks up all of her cleaner, including the dish soap. >> just be alert and be aware of what you do because it just takes a second for your child to get into something. >> and should you call your poison control center right away if your child has ingested a cleaning product. that phone number is the same for every poison control center in the country, 1-800-222-1222. >> it's everywhere. so this is kind of a lock device that she was showing on her cabinets. easy enough to install, right in. >> costs you a couple of bucks at the hardware store, baby store. lock up those products or put them up on a shelf that's high
8:15 am
so the kids can't get to it. >> so you have examples of things that look like one thing and may be something else? >> absolutely. so kids are at trablgted to these. one of these classes has a sports drink. one has a window cleaner. can you tell the difference? >> am i supposed to drink them? >> no, do not drink them. >> this has a couple bubbles, so i'm going to guess that's the cleaner. >> that is the cleaner. moving on, we have apple squus and we also have a candle oil. something you would use in a tiki torch. >> i would not have a clue looking at this. >> and we know of cases where people have decided to drink the tiki torch oil because they thought it was apple juice. >> oh, man that's so bad. the one on the right is the apple juice, this is the oil. >> don't touch. >> and then moving on, parmesan cheese or a bath and tub cleaner. >> and if you put it in karen like that, the kid will never know the difference. and the toddlers are prone to do just about anything, opening up the stuff, spraying it around.
8:16 am
you've got to be careful susan koeppen, thanks so much. up next, she made "time" magazine's list of the most influential people and the forbes list of the highest paid celebrities. a revealing look at the phenomenon that is lady gaga when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. well, max, first day... moh-ohm. -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your classroom is? uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big
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8:18 am
♪ the paparazzi really do love lady gaga and they're not the only once. she's the biggest thing to hit music world this years.
8:19 am
her debut album sold 12 million copies worldwide. she has more facebook fans than president obama and she's had almost a billion hits on youtube. now the performer is the subject of a fascinating profile. good to have you with us. fascinating i don't think does it justice. because she is this -- for so many of us, you watch her, but to actually know who is lady gaga and you really get a sense for her in this piece. so tell me who do you think lady gaga is after all the time you spent with her? >> i think lady gaga is lady gaga. she's lady gaga all the time. >> it's not an act? h. >> it's not an act. this is not somebody who puts makeup on like kiss to go on stage. she lives, breathes, sleeps this all the time. she feels that it's an outlet for her creativity and the expression of her art and ceash just lady gaga. >> she's very juyoung.
8:20 am
>> she's 24. she said been struggling for a long time. i've been dhog since 14 or 15. she used to call clubs up and pretend she was the manager. so nothing happens overnight. >> she's really candid with you. >> yeah. >> she talks about sex, she talks about sex, drugs and rock and roll. >> sex, drugs and rock and roll but family and her fans and the work she does for the gay community and she raises a lot of money for aids. i'm not trying to make her sound like a saint, she's a tough girl. she really is. and she's ambitious and focused and smart. but she really, really believes in all of this. she's hungry for more. she's hundred i didn't for more inspiration. >> you mentioned her connection to the gay community. she's also committed to her fans. she calls them little monsters. you write it's thought about being number one, it's what you do when you're at the top to inspire and influence and save the people that lift you. that's what she says to you.
8:21 am
her fans are everything. how does she translate that then with stuff she's gone through in the past, her drug use, the image that she has? >> well, i go into this a lot in the article. some of it i can't actually say on a family morning show. but she does say that she wants h her fans to feel that they can do what she did. patty smith said something similar, who couldn't be further away in terms of the vishlt and the whole way that they carry out their art. but she says it's not so much that she wants this them to love her, she wants them to love themselves. she really, really believe this is. she saved every fan letter, every book, everything that every fan has sent her. she took a bag and had all her fans write over it because she wanted to represent something that they could relate to as opposed to something they couldn't afford. >> i do have to ask you about
8:22 am
this because we teased a little bit earlier in the show, but you look at lady gaga and does she ooze sex or is she and i sexual. >> she talks a little bit about why she was afraid of having a lot of sex because she thought it would rob her of her creativity. she said she's been in abusive relationships. she talked about by sexuality is not that big a deal to her, but she also felt i think that sex is not necessarily what she's selling. she's selling a whole different kind of inspiration. she's much more about a creativity, a fusion of art, music, performance. >> it's a fascinating package, a fascinating read. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> and you can check it out in the september issue of "vanity fair." still ahead, why craig
8:23 am
ferguson says he will never ever get near sharks again. we're diving in to "shark week" with him when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] it's time for more hd than ever before. more hit shows and movies on-demand. your photos larger than life right on your tv... along with facebook, even youtube. it's time for verizon fios. and it's time to save. because now you can get fios tv, internet and phone all together for a super-low $99.99 a month. call today and we'll add a special bonus: the fios tv movie package plus epix -- free for 12 months. save $430 in the first year. and with this offer, there's no term contract required. if you don't love it, you can cancel at any time with no early termination fee. move up to 100% fiber optics straight to your home.
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welcome back to "the early show" onon in lovely tuesday morning. college ain't cheap. harry knows that. >> all roads lead to iowa. the big princeton's view is out. >> exactly. so the cost of a four year college education can actually hit 200 grand, so you think best party school, most sober school. they review 122,000 students every year. they're also telling you where the best schools are for
8:31 am
financial aid packages, career services. so in an economy like this, we'll get you those list which is can help you make a decision. >> did you know that dave's alma mater has number one in the country on one of the categories? >> all kidding aside, is it dini dining? >> it's best cafeteria food. >> is that it again? >> great stuff. >> look how excited he is. >> look at this belittling. harry, you went to central college. >>s about ton universit boston . >> syracuse. >> and i went to colonel. we'll see how everyone nets out. >> i feel pretty good how i'm netting these days. all right. julie chen joins us from los angeles. thank you very much, usc, and she's -- >> for the record. >> yes, for the record. exactly right. trojans. thank you. >> what were you voted best? >> our food was the best food. get your mind out of high
8:32 am
school, dave. >> to be honest, i don't want my college to win the best food category. i want to do -- well, they did. >> but they have a great hospitality school. >> best chance of being a weather plan on the morning show. >> so, julie, who are you hanging out with these days? >> i'm hanging out with craig ferguson of the late late show quhou may not know is he a veteran diver. and he got up close and personal with reach sharks in the bahamas for one of the discovery channel 00 "shark week" programs. and i expect he'll be channel surfing from his couch for a while after his experience with those big, big, fish. we'll have that. and if you've been cooking up a mess, help is on the way. m matt will show us about the
8:33 am
wofrs worst kitchen in america contest. >> syracuse fans out here, by the way. >> nice work. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening in syracuse, boston and -- >> spell pella, iowa. >> the west coast will be relatively calm. it's really as you head to the northern plain states.coast wil. it's really as you head to the northern plain states.>> the we relatively calm. it's really as you head to the northern plain states. you'll see unstable air. we'll watch for airport delays building through the midwest. southeast, you'll see the warm moist air and as you head to the southern plain, it's high heat. height indices 100 to 115 degrees. great place to be today, new york state. and we have people from the tourism board here and i want to tell you from the finger lakes all the way to lewiston as you head to western new york and right here in new york city, it
8:34 am
is a great state to be from and very proud to be on the plaza with you guys this morning. a lot of people traveling today all the way from london, england to see us. and we've got friends from miami andegypt, as well. out to jul event s in l.a. >> it is thes always popular
8:35 am
"shark week." and one of the hosts is our friend skrag fe craig ferguson. he's a certified diver who finds sharks both fascinating and terrifying. i spoke with craig about the program and his own jaw dropping experience under the sea. >> reporter: for more than 20 years, discovery channel crews have been boldly diving into shark infested waters capturing the incredible images of shark there is their natural environment. >> all of a sudden there were bull sharks cruising in from every direction. the sharks are surrounding us. it's getting unsafe for the crew. >> i'm going on the adventure of a lifetime. >> reporter: this year they've taken comedian craig ferguson along for a swim. the award winning host of the late late show is fascinated by the powerful predators and recently left the safety of his desk for a chance to dive with
8:36 am
reef sharks in the bahamas about. >> are you ready? >> no.about. >> are you ready? >> no. >> immediately there sharks everywhere. >> were you nervous? >> yeah, before i went diving, i looked at all the possible a their i don'ts. none of them are good. it was horrifying. >> reporter: ferguson's show, shark bites, adventures in "shark week" features first person accounts from survivors featuring stunning video of actual attacks. this one shows the crew of a research ship enjoying a swim in the south pacific when suddenly a 16 foot shark attacks dragging its victim under water. she would survive, but not before losing her right leg to the shark's massive jaws. stories like this weighed heavily on craig as he prepared for his own shark encounter. ferguson had hoped the experts he was trusting his life to would ease his mind. >> i said have any of you got a
8:37 am
shark bite? and every one of them showed a nip here and a bite there. but they said try and keep your heart rate standing. don't make any sudden moves. keep your handses close to your chest. and when the sharks come in, you know, don't look too tasty. >> so let me see your not looking tasty look. like how do you do that? sdl i'm i'm doing it now. there really is nothing that can prepare you for this. they're very kind of almost playful. they bump into you. the trouble is it has very, very sharp teeth, but they very rarely go after more than one bait or a human because we're not food to them. >> so did this experience get you hooked, do you have an urge to do it again? >> no, i will never do it again. i will never do it again. interacting with wild animals in their environment is dangerous.
8:38 am
they don't play by your rules. i was a visitor and i'm grateful i was allowed in there and now i'm not going back. >> now, craig told me that feeding the sharks was a life changing experience. he said he couldn't believe how big the sharks are when you're right next to them. shark bites,sv adventures in shark week airs tomorrow night. >> often we see the segments with people going into the water with sharks and they're in cages. what was he thinking? >> actually, he told me when he agreed to do the shoot he thought he'd be one of those people in a shark cage. but he did wear special gloves that help protect your hands from the shark's teeth. but this was one scary adventure, harry. his words were, quote, terrifying, yet exhilarating. and he told me something a
8:39 am
friend taught him. he said fear is the universe's way of saying pay attention, this could be fun. and that's what motivates him. >> well, he does have an especially attractive little helmet on. we noted that. did he happen to tell you what triggered his fascination with sharks? >> yeah, i think like for all of us, he says when he was 12 years old, that was the first time he saw the movie "jaws." he loved the film, he loved the book, and ever since he has been in awe of sharks. >> julie, thanks so much. great to see you. >> same here. here's erica. with college costs growing at a rate of about 6% annually, know wling what you're getting far more important than ever. joining us this morning to reveal the best colleges for your money, your interests, and your extra curriculum tastes.
8:40 am
good to have you with us this morning. >> thanks for inviting me. >> you've been involved with it for 12 years now and you were just telling me you've really noticed in that time that there's a shift in what kids are looking for when they're trying to find a school. and it has to do with finding the best fit. >> finding the best fit. students are so later focused. and they're getting away from just the schools that are so competitive academically. they want it make sure they're challenged in the classroom, but a great financial aid fit and a great campus culture fit. is to the left or right politically, religious or not religious. that's the information that we write about in the book. >> so you bring up financial. and this this more than ever it seems is important now. college costs rising 6% annually. so which schools out of those 373 offer you the best financial aid packages? >> we have the 62 top 20 ranking list. number three is princeton university. kids in the book are so clear
8:41 am
that it has the greatest financial aid package because they don't force a student to take out loans. once you're admitted, they will cover your full need based on grants. >> so you don't come out with student loans? >> do you not graduate with student debt. >> number two, the university of virginia? >> university of virginia has been a usual suspect on this list. also number one on our 100 best value colleges list for public schools. it's an amazing school and, again, can meet a student's need 100%. >> and number one the franklin w. owen college of engineering. so now that we've looked at the top three for financial aid, also really important these days is career services. so which schools h offer the most help looking for that job? >> number three is yale university and thinking about the brand that yale has, that great reputation, the career offers harness that, allows students to get jobs. >> which is really helpful. penn state, huge school, too. >> you're right.
8:42 am
about 38,000 students. and you make the connection with the alumni connection. so for internships as well as for first time jobs. >> and boston known for a long time for its program which kept you working all through college. >> and they're selling their 100th year with a co-op program. >> which are the most beautiful is this. >> colgate university is number one the list. it's in hamilton, new york. a wonderful school. >> followed by lewis and clarke college and then the university of the south. >> over 850 plant species on campus. about 1400 kids. >> all those plants just for 1400 kids. best campus food. dave price does figure in here. it's not number one, cornell isn't, but they rang up there. >> it is number five on the list. but number three james madison.
8:43 am
they focus on local organic grown food. virginia tech is number two. 16,000 meals a day are served. >> that's pretty impressive. and them number one is bowdoin up in hain. >> amazing stuff. >> now the big lists, everybody always wants to know, top party schools. run me through the top three. >> the third one is actually last year's first, which is penn state university. again an amazing school as well as all of the schools and colleges are great schools academically, but we're looking at a couple of different factors when we look another a party school list before consumption of beer, hard liquor, drugs on campus, hours of study spent outside the classroom. >> so that all figures in. so you have penn state, number two is ohio university. number one, i'm not surprised because i lived in georgia for
8:44 am
five years. u good ch uga number one. >> and a usual suspect for a long time. >> and equally important for a lot of kids, want to find the most sober schools. >> and when we start to think about active social scene or nonactive, a lot of students might find that fit in the less active. number stlthree is u.s. coast gd academy. number two is wheaton college. and number one is brigham young university. >> and it doesn't are to be a party school to have social activity. there are so many things that you can do at those other schools. so great you list them, as well. good to have you with us. now harry, over to you. is your kitchen so ugly you just go out to eat all the time? well, you may be a contender in
8:45 am
the diy network's worst kitchen in america contest. matt blashaw brought us a few stomach churning photos of some of the entries so far and he's here to show you how to make over your kitchen yourself in case you're not the winner. >> good to see you. >> so we have different examples of different kinds of problem areas. and we want to start with counters. we'll show one of your really bad counters. >> this is a pretty scary picture of someone that submitted -- that is wall pain other your counter top. that is creative, but definitely want to keep it on the walls. >> so we have alternatives to wallpaper? >> it's one of the most important investments you can make is your kitchen counter top. you have granite, of course, durable, lots of different colors. >> and really attractive. >> so is quartz. $50 to $150 per square foot.
8:46 am
and then there's new, this is a concrete. have you seen these? >> i have not. >> really nice. this is a very urban look to it. lots of different colors. just as durable as granite and this is going to run you about the same, $50 to $150 per square foot. >> and what's this? >> laminate was the bad word of kitchens back in the day. this is actually laminate. >> you would not know. >> you would not know. looks like gran iite, although u can drop something on it. you don't want to do cutting or hot things to it. >> got to be much less expensive. >> $10 to $20 a square foot. >> so we have sinks that we'll show in a second, but first we want to see the evil sink. >> there is nothing right about that sink besides the water filter, i think. that is really bad. but let's show you some sinks that can brighten it up. >> these are cool modern sinks. >> this is a drop-in sink, stain
8:47 am
wls ste wls steel. going to cost about $700. this a really nice. this is a flush mount. i like this because it's more of a feature into your kitchen. you can see some of the sink in front. a little more labor intensive temperature this will be between $2 250 and $300. and this seveven more labor intensive. you want to have a professional do this. >> and you would probably get some of that granite to surround this. >> for sure. and that's why it's labor intensive. this will cost between $250 to $1,000. >> look at this thing. that's cool. so a couple other things we want to look at. what do you call these things again? >> backsplashes. >> we want to see the bad backsplash. >> this is wallpapered
8:48 am
backsplash. this needs updating. you can brighten up your kitchen. there are ways that you can do it. first, ceramic tile for your backsplash. a lot of different colors, text churs. the cheapest way to go will be your four inch subway tiles. then you want to go with your glass mosaic. >> these always look good. >> these look really good. see all the different colors that you can do it with? >> this is a much bigger piece. >> a lot of different pieces here. this is becoming very pop uhe uhe lar, between $12 and $50. >> that will cost you a little dough. and it takes a little talent. >> a little bit. these not too much, the one that really takes a lot of talent, this is actually an art, ceramic tile, if you want to turn your backsplash into a piece of art work. >> why not? okay. >> this will cost between $50 and $8$80 per square foot.
8:49 am
>> and what's this? >> you look a little urban chic. >> i don't know. people see me and they go there is mr. urban chic. >> this is actually stainless steel that you can put up. and this looks great with stain wls steel appalachialieianceapp. >> and these are islands? >> a great way you can do -- >> let's see the bad island first. that's a bad island. >> that's a terrible island. this is a cuisine cart. this has all your condiments to it, your towel bar, lots of space. >> this is very good. >> hard maple. >> and last but not least, stainless. >> stainless steel. the way to save money on that, make sure you get galvanized steel legs. >> great to see you. for more ideas and more on the
8:50 am
diy network's worst kitchen contest, go have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix.
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a lot of people still talking about the "vanity fair" writer talking about lady gaga and you were saying you think it's what is this. >> it's like taking a page out of madonna's book. you are exactly who this is, but you're a massive marketing campaign. and she's playing the game perfectly. >> but take it a step further than madonna even. she that as long way to go. it's a fascinating article. >> the writer would dispute that. she believes lady gaga is phenomenally more talented. >> i'm not doubting her talent. >> she really does musically she has the talent. >> i'm talking about the
8:53 am
business. >> she absolutely knows what she's doing. >> and ambition. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot about that. >> a healthy dose of all of those things. guys remember,
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